Dear Erzincan family! We have spent nearly all the process together with such fashionista sweet family. We greatly enjoyed the creative and talented couple’s delivery adventure as a part of it at their home in Westwood while Mehmet is a fashion photographer and his wife. Mehmet took his beautiful wife’s pictures in areas which reveal her beauty before their son Kaan was born. We will miss something if we don’t mention about Fatosh, Gulum’s mom who was the sweetest part of the adventure. What can be more enjoyable than a grandmother looking forward for her grandchild as a ‘crew’ of the family? The family hugged their baby Kaan in our Hospital located in Hollywood with a normal birth process. Now the Erzincan family is being prepared to spend their lives and their remained career process in Los Angeles. May god speed them! We love them a lot!





They are exactly the next door neighbor of Gulum-Mehmet Erzincan couple. Both couples residing in Kelton Apartment flat no 115 and 116 gave birth to their babies within two days!! During their stay in Los Angeles, Simru, Kerem and the grandmother Aysenur waited their baby’s arrival George Selim with a great enthusiasm. Simru is a big fan of Galatasaray football club. George Selim became a baby model in Galatasaray Store as well as soon as he arrived – took after his mother. Simru was scared of normal delivery so she hospitalized in advance. She gave birth with tranquilizer and epidural with normal delivery. The family sends her regards to our doctor on every occasion after happily leaving home following their Los Angeles adventure of 2,5 months period.





What a luck to have our parents by our side who promote and give us a moral support whenever we need!! While some of the parents stay in Turkey and support their children for giving birth from a distance, some of them can go with their children to USA. One of the parents, veteran Erol planned a surprise for his son and his daughter in law several months in advance and contacted us within this period. Erol called his grandchild as ‘the great cowboy’. Erol and his wife stayed with their son and daughter in law in our apartment located in Kelton. This time our apartment 115 and 116 was to host Selin Koca and other pregnant neighbor Gozde Inal. Erol kept a blog and shared all the process about his grandchild the great cowboy from here. The birth was a normal delivery and we also passed this examination together with Erol.
Selin and Tore explained their gestures to Erol postnatally and named their child as Erol-Bora. We memorialize this family as they live in Gocek now.





What about our mother who constantly spoke to her unborn Nil when she was pregnant!! Gozde was the expectant mother who came alone to Los Angeles. We hired the next apartment flat where Selin were staying by receiving her approval. Both expectant mothers spent 2,5 months within the vicinity of Westwood by walking to prepare for delivery of one girl (Nil) and one boy (Erol Bora). Good-humored Gozde received English language training in Kaplan Language School during her stay. When the delivery time approached, Gozde’s mother came to Los Angeles and baby Nil opened her eyes to the world in 39th week. Nil was our other baby who was waiting for her father Behzat to come. We wish their smiling faces never disappear who returned home from Los Angeles with their Californian baby.





Dear Eliz was one of the expectant mothers who spent her time in college as a professional basket player in Chicago. Later she missed United States of America and met our doctor in Los Angeles; she couldn’t leave after then. She waited for her baby Sıla Farah’s arrival with her mother Imner in a studio flat they hired in Hollywood. While the delivery time approached, the baby’s father Ozem and his mother took part of this Los Angeles adventure. Sweet little Sıla Farah baby was born exactly 4,5 kg within the hair’s breath of cesarean delivery potentiality. While the delivery was realized normally, although Eliz has a U.S. experience and speaks a foreign language, she considered that this was the right decision for her to experience this process with our team. We hope that her dream to live in America comes true and that she and her family can live there for a specific period with the sweet families.





Dear Ayse and Omrum decided to give birth in Los Angeles after their mother’s persistence as she was frequently visiting the city since many years. After they achieved a normal delivery in our hospital in downtown with our Iranian doctors, they caressed their little Oykum Liz. Sweet little Oykum Liz spent her postnatal times with her uncle, grandmothers and grandfathers. We cherish the family whom live in Marmaris for the large part of the year. You can also see our family in December 2016 edition of Anne-Bebek journal. He wish this good hearted family an ever lasting happiness!!





This couple gave birth in our hospital located in downtown with a normal delivery who mostly spend their yearly time abroad for business purposes. Their parents were also present at the delivery who came from Ankara. The whole family stayed in Los Angeles for four months. Zeynep and her mother spend the first months in Santa Monica and moved to West Hollywood while the delivery time was approaching. After baby Lea arrived, they went back to Ankara. They also consider a future life in USA. May god speed you!!





Idil and her husband Gokhan already arrived and settled to their home in Los Angeles before they met our team. Idil’s elder sister was living in Los Angeles but they needed a professional and reliable support concerning hospital and delivery issues. At that time they heard about us from the reference families and contacted us. Baby Mia was born in Hollywood before 1 year. Her elder sister Ece was 5 years old when her little sister arrived. Delivering her second child in U.S., Ida expressed the followings relating to her experiences after she returned to Turkey:
“We were very pleased with ‘Venus Care’ team”
“I couldn’t deliver my first child in United States, but me and my husband feel comfortable to know that we can go there anytime thanks to our second child. I am very glad that we provided a second future alternative for my girls. We went to Los Angeles directly to get settled and later our plans changed and we returned back to Ankara but we are sure that our visits will be more often in due course. We were very pleased with ‘Venus Care’ team who supported us in each case including the doctors and hospital during our stay in Los Angeles”.





Ilke came to Los Angeles with her assistant Samantha, 5 year old sun Kayra and her husband Kursad. Kursad returned back after the settlement of the family was completed within the first week. Their house with 2 rooms was located in Westwood and they enrolled their son to a nursery school in Westwood. Ilke gave birth with normal delivery and still misses the time they spent in Los Angeles and wants to visit the city again with their new born little baby Emir. We also share her experiences in Los Angeles with all the families who arrive for their second baby’s delivery. We memorize this nice and large family who live in Antalya and wish the best for them.





Lale and Yusuf were one of the couples who had the chance to spend all the delivery process together in Westwood area. They had a normal delivery as a neighbor to İlke and Kursad. Baby Devin opened her bluish eyes to the world. We love them all.
“Luckily I selected the correct agency”
“From the moment we arrived to Los Angeles, the city of angels until we returned back after delivery to our country, I would like to thank Venus Care who assisted us in all cases within three months of time.
My obstetrician helped me to exercise the antenatal process as well as the delivery process calmly and unhesitatingly with his friendly and controlled approach in the hospital where we selected upon his recommendation. I always tell to the inquirers that I was in the hands of 2 angels in the city of angels whom are my doctor and Venus Care team and I also gave birth to another angel, my boy. Luckily I selected the correct agency and believed to their reliable selections.”





Sweet Demir’s sweet mom and dad Meltem and Emir contacted us through their friend. Emir visited us in the middle of the delivery process as he was working for a game company in Santa Monica as a part time officer. They moved to a 2 room house in 33rd week of pregnancy where they hired in Santa Monica after they found our hospital suitable in Hollywood after visiting various hospitals. Baby Demir arrived with a normal delivery. Nowadays you can contact us and get information about Meltem’s experiences. We are very lucky that she agreed to support us in our postnatal operations in Istanbul. So glad we have you!!
“The best gift you can give to your baby”
When giving birth in the United States came to agenda for the first time, we found ourselves in a deep research with my spouse. There were so many options and we were contacting one after the other and receiving information. Then one day we contacted Venus Care agency upon one of our common friend’s recommendation from Koc University. At the first moment we sensed the positive energy and since the first place in our mind was Los Angeles and headquarters of Venus Care is there we were satisfied. We were relieved when we entered our contract without waiting longer. As soon as we arrived to Los Angeles everything was strictly organized. The delivery process was very comfortable without any problem. We were very pleased with the doctor, hospital and nurses. The postnatal passport processes were completed in a short time without any problem. Venus Care team were always with us. It was so enjoyable to be in a city like Los Angeles during prenatal and postnatal process. We were delighted with the people, the weather and sightseeing. We came back with nice memories by giving our baby a very valuable gift. Endless thanks to Venus Care team who were with us during this whole period!





This couple had a normal delivery who spent their last 5 months of delivery process in New York and then in Los Angeles. The ballet dancer Anastasio constantly wanted to give birth in 27th June delivered her baby Arya in 26th June 2015 in America on 27th with local time in Turkey. The family hired a house among the oil palms in Santa Monica and nowadays they are at the stage of making a settling decision between Miami or Los Angeles. Arya princess is one of our first babies and now she has 4 citizenship of different countries.
“Everything was well planned and truthful”
We decided to give birth for our child in the United States as it brings pretty much advantages by the American citizenship. We were worried about going to a foreign country without knowing anything. However, everything was planned and truthful; we never felt alone. All our experiences concerning the delivery, doctor and hospital were positive. The postnatal passport processes were completed in a short time. It was very nice to be in Los Angeles during the delivery process, it was like a holiday we will never forget. We didn’t want to return back. They assisted us in all aspects and we never felt alone there. We stayed there for five months and right now we are in Istanbul but the place is still in our thoughts. We don’t have any negative memory. We recommend those who want to give birth in USA to call Venus Care and prepare to leave for Los Angeles just like leaving for a holiday without a hesitation. They can be sure that everything will go well in relation to the city, hospital and delivery issues. We had some concerns before leaving but we haven’t experienced any trouble, everything was perfect. We strongly recommend it!





Again, one of our first babies was the twins Duru&Deniz arrived with delivery by caesarean delivery when their mom was pregnant for 38 weeks. The family found us through the father Murat’s brother’s recommendation who was living in Los Angeles and they were very happy that they experienced the delivery process as if they were in a holiday.
“Its not a dream to give birth in America”
We wanted our babies to have a double passport for a good education and future. Also we wanted to provide the opportunity for them to travel around the world without requiring a visa. At the beginning to give birth in America was like a dream for us, but as soon as the we approached to the delivery time we learned that our dreams can become true but some doubts and concerns were still there in our minds. Thanks to Venus Care, they eliminated many doubts such as how can we go, where can we stay, is our English sufficient etc. Delivery process was very comfortable, I can say that this was the most beautiful moment in my life. I felt the entire moment of birth without any pain. I sensed and saw the very first breath and movement of my girls at that moment. My doctor and all the hospital employees were very helpful and debonair. We were very pleased from the hospital as well as our doctor. The postnatal citizenship and passport processes were completed quicker and easier than we expected. After delivery, all our document for returning back were ready within 10 days. It was like a dream to be in Loss Angeles in the delivery process. Also it felt very comfortable to be in a peaceful, happy, stress free and a healthy environment. Furthermore, we were also happy to find healthy and organic food easily in terms of our babies’ health. Los Angeles was really privileged in this respect. If you want to provide a good future for your baby and want to tell a meaningful and good delivery story, Los Angeles is the place you should definitely go.





Derin, the little boy of dear Melis and Can opened his eyes to the world in July 2016 in Hollywood. Melis achieved a normal delivery and waited for Derin’s arrival in 2 room flat in West Hollywood. Our couple found us through our references completed their process healthily.