Birth Abroad



Our company, headquartered in Los Angeles, California; offers the best quality service to  mothers and their spouses in order to start the story of your baby in the most special way according to  your wishes and dreams.

You are in safe hands to deliver a child in the United States with our hospital, doctors, accommodation and traveling services. We offer you the optimum delivery cost with our different birth package options. We also guarantee to provide you all the services you may wish.

American Civil Rights


What makes the most advantageous benefit to deliver your child in America is that your baby unconditionally and automatically becomes a USA citizen as soon as your baby arrives. The only requirement for U.S. citizenship is to be born within the territory of United States. Citizenship right continues for a life time. Your baby will have a social security number and passport within a couple of weeks following the birth.


Your child may settle in the United States of America whenever he/she wishes, as he/she will have the right to live and work there. Furthermore, your child will be entitled to have a double citizenship both Turkish Republic and U.S. and therefore will have the opportunity to benefit from the social and economic benefits of both countries.

Education Opportunities in the US


Your child will have various opportunities both in Turkey as well as the USA during the educational background. He/she can benefit from economic advantages provided to foreign nationals in Turkey as well as free or low costing and worldwide known education provided for its nationals if prefers to receive education in the USA. As an American citizen, he/she can benefit from internship and working opportunities during education by state credit scholarship provided only for the American citizens.

Career Opportunities in the US


In today’s world where globalization and building a career in international companies has great importance for individuals, enabling your child to work for American companies will increase his/her career opportunities within the following years. Foreigners are obliged to be sponsored by a U.S. company in order to work there. Being an American citizen will eliminate this impediment and also your child will have various business advantages in other countries as an American citizen.

Freedom of Travel


One of the most important advantages to give birth in the US is that your baby will have a US passport. Americans are among the privileged citizens in the world to have visa-free entry to different countries. By 2016, American citizens can travel visa-free to 174 countries around the world.
USA, Canada as well as Europe Schengen countries require visa for passport holders of Turkish Republic. Your child will have unlimited entry to many countries across the globe including these countries.


Hospital and Doctor

Our institution serves with 10 hospitals with specialist doctors in their respective areas. Hospital, doctor and the number of days you want to stay at hospital after delivery will constitute the factors to define your delivery costs. Venus Care offers you the hospital, doctor and location options with different packages which meets all your needs and requests.

Accommodation and Transportation

Venus Care will arrange your car and residence which you will need during your stay prior to your arrival to Los Angeles. The residence will be in the close vicinity of your hospital and all the details will be arranged in a manner to provide the same comfort of your house.
We will meet you in Los Angeles at your arrival with the car chosen previously by yourselves.

Additional Services

Venus Care will provide you all the additional services you demand. Some of these services include, parental massage, weekly yoga and pilates classes, translation services, English language course, tour planning to close towns, insured nursemaid, delivery photos, shopping guidance, local concert and museum tickets.


Your Appointment and Birth Process

In your first meeting with your doctor in the US, you will be accompanied to see your hospital and be informed about the next appointments you may have. Translation service is provided to eliminate any questions you may have within your controls and measurements. When the birth day comes, all the recording processes are made by us.

Citizenship Processes After Birth

Your baby’s citizenship formalities are initiated by our team after you leave hospital and during your stay. The social security number and passport of your baby which also substitutes the identity card in US is obtained within two weeks postnatal. You will be transferred to the airport for your returning trip by us.

Application and Information

Our service process begins at the moment you contact us after deciding to give birth in the US. First you are provided detailed information about child delivery issues abroad. Your maternity tests are shared with our contracted specialist doctors in the US. Your accommodation plans are scheduled according to the period you will stay.

Welcoming and Accommodation

When you arrive to U.S. you will be welcomed with the car you selected and you will be transferred to the residence you have also selected previously.
Your settlement process is completed when our guide friend meets you at home and delivers your grocery bags. Within the week you arrive, you will be informed about important details by taking a city and hospital tour on a day you set.


What Affects the Delivery Cost in America?

Delivery costs in the US vary according to packages we offer. Our packages include various combinations of hospital, doctor, accommodation and vehicle options. The package costs may increase or decrease according to factors such as your staying period, chosen residence, potential cesarean delivery selection and hospital properties. You can contact us for detailed information.

How convenient is it to have flight with my baby after birth?

The plane cabin staff may ask your pregnancy state in order to avoid any health risks. There is no risk for you to fly until the end of 28th week of your pregnancy but between 28th and 34th week you can travel by your medical doctor’s permission. It is not possible for you to fly after 35th week of your pregnancy. Mothers with twin pregnancies can fly until the end of 31st week.


How convenient is it to have flight with my baby after birth?

You can travel by plane minimum 2 weeks after delivery in terms of your baby’s health. Airlines do not permit for the babies who are younger than 3 weeks to travel by plane. This period is also appropriate for the legal processes. As Venus Care team, we will complete your baby’s citizenship formalities within nearly two weeks after your baby arrives.

Which test documents will I provide to the hospital in the United States?

It is advisable that you send us your control and examination documents in advance. The required documentation will be informed to you after consulting our doctors and sharing your information. In case it is  found necessary, we will assist you in completing your tests in here.

Since my examinations are in Turkish language, could this create a problem?

According to the hospital you choose, the language issues vary. While some hospitals accept Turkish tests, English translation is required for some hospitals.

What should I bring with me?

The required clothes vary depending on your arrival season to United States of America. You can also bring your baby’s clothes or buy them in the US. We will assist you for local shopping issues. We will provide you with a stroller for your baby after birth.

Is my Turkish driver license valid in the United States?

Your driver license is valid for the first 6 months as of the date you enter the United States of America. If you please, we can also help you rent a car  for desired brand and model and obtain a valid driver license during your stay in the US.

I don’t speak English, what will I do?

We do not want you to leave a question mark in your mind during your stay in the United States. Therefore, we will support you in communication issues within the examination, test and delivery processes. You can benefit from our extra translator services whenever you demand.