Turkish Aesthetics Market

Turkish Aesthetics Market

According to the Economist Turkey’s data, the experts say that aesthetics market has showed a trend of rapid growth in Turkey over the last five years; they also project that such growth would continue to increase in the following periods. Although there is now no clear data available on the size of aesthetics economy in Turkey, the sector representatives estimate that the size of the market is approximately more than 2 billion dollars.

According to data of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the aesthetic operations showed growth by almost 200 percent in Turkey between 2011 and 2016. The number of aesthetic operations was 266146 in 2011, and increased to 789564 last year. This figures show that the first ten countries in aesthetic market in the world. Turkey’s position in this ranking is in the eighth place as coming before Germany and France.

Not only Turkish people have these operations in Turkey. The foreign people also prefer Turkey more for aesthetic operations. According to data of Association of Private Hospitals and Healthcare Institutions, although Turkey’s income from tourism was reduced by 30 percent in 2016, the increase in income from medical tourism was 5 percent.

The medical tourism is divided into three groups: thermal spring, aesthetics-cosmetics and medical tourism. The highest increase among these items was in the aesthetics-cosmetics in 2016. In fact, Turkey is included in the top 10 countries in the world that perform the highest number of aesthetic operations. The number of patients that came to Turkey for medical tourism in 2010 was 110 thousand, today it is over 600 thousand.

The figures above show that the major demand of tourists that come for plastic surgery is filling and toxin applications that are not a surgical procedure. The most demanded surgical procedures include breast augmentation, liposuction, hair transplant and facial lifting.

The higher number of aesthetic operations performed in Turkey has taken success of Turkish doctors out of borders of Turkey. The number of plastic surgeons in Turkey has also significantly increased over the last five years. The number of plastic surgeons was 509 in 2011, and reached to 1200 in 2016.


An important reason for increase in the number of foreign patients is the price advantage. The diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions are performed with the same techniques and technological devices as used by the developed countries. Despite this, other countries require quite higher prices as compared to Turkey.

The aesthetic tourism is growing every year when Turkey’s price advantage is combined with the quality of service provided and patient satisfaction. As a result, thousands of patients come to Turkey to receive treatment every year from many countries including Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Finland, Iraq, Bulgaria, Algeria, TRNC, Kuwait, Libya, Egypt, Russia, Turkmenistan, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Syria.