Organizing Your Stay

During your stay in the US, our professional team that is an expert in the field will provide you direct support for all formal procedures that you need. Our team will assist you with all processes from the moment you leave Turkey until you return to Turkey, and ensure that you have a comfortable and safe pregnancy during the last months of gestation in the US.

Translation Services

Our translators that are especially competent in language will inform you on all matters you encounter for 24h/7d. Our team will accompany you with your doctor appointments, establishing communication between you and your doctor, and ensure that every question in your mind is answered.

Short-term Housing

Our team will offer you the best options for safe and reliable housing service based on your requirements and at reasonable price during the length of your stay so as to ensure that you have a smooth accommodation period. In this period, our team will be responsible for arranging housing in accordance with your criteria. Initial shopping for kitchen and cleaning agents will be done and placed in the house you have selected before you arrive. Then, the comfortable and safe house will be delivered to you when you arrive.

Short-term Car Rentals

Our team experienced in car rent will provide you support with vehicle options at reasonable price to meet your requirements. The prices mat largely vary when renting a car in the USA. Our experienced team will consider your requests and requirements to provide you with the reasonable and inexpensive vehicle alternatives suitable for you. Your vehicle will be delivered to you when you arrive in the USA.

Private Driver Service

If you wish to use a private driver, we will offer you options for private drivers that are experienced and suitable for your budget. In the city of Los Angeles where distances are far away from each other, the transportation is usually carried out with private cars. You will have a tour around the city with our experienced drivers, thus your transport will be easier during your stay. Our private driver service provides practical and economic solutions to urban traffic problem in the USA that requires experience, and will give you a peace of mind for your transportation during your stay.

Airport Transfers

Throughout your entire stay from your arrival to your departure, the airport transfers will be safely performed by our team. Our transfer team will meet you at the airport when you arrive in the USA, and transport you home safely and comfortably. Likewise, you will be transported from home to the airport by our team on the day of your return. Our experienced transfer team and large, comfortable vehicles will facilitate your airport transfers.

Private Tours

With our private tours, you will have the opportunity to explore many things and have a lot of memories during your stay. Our professional and experienced guides will allow you to discover a new country, using an accurate language. You will spend your time exploring the city and surrounding and enjoy the time you have in the USA when you wait for your delivery. Our guides will accompany you during our private tours that will allow you to find out different aspects and locations of the city. Also, you may select a private tour that is best suit your interest and make your stay more enjoyable.

Assisting Services

You will never feel alone through our assisting service that you can call for 24 hours and 7 days for your needs. Our team will support you for any circumstance you may encounter during your stay. Although you will have a birth experience in a totally foreign country, our team that knows the city and country very well will assist you every time you need assistance.

Personal Shopping

A personal shopping service will be provided for you to discover the city and have tour on the streets with the largest shops. Los Angeles is full of many well-known shopping centers, streets and outlet centers for your shopping needs. You may have a tour and do your shopping in these places with our personal shopping adviser. Our experienced team will help you to easily find the products you need in the baby shops.

Maid Services

Upon your request, a professional maid service will be arranged by us during your stay. We are well aware of the importance that you attach to cleaning and comfort of the first house you will bring your baby. We will provide you an optimum maid service, ensuring that tour are comfortable during your stay in the United States. Upon your request, your house will be cleaned by our team before and after the birth.

Birth Photography

Upon your request, we will provide you a professional and skillful birth photographer for that magical moment when you may wish to picturize at the end of a long and eventful wait so that you can keep that magical moment of your birth for long years. Our professional photographers will take the first pictures of your baby you have been waiting with excitement so that you can immortalize your story of birth. Excitement of mother and father before birth, the very moment that your baby opens his/her eyes to the world for the first time, and the frames of first encounter will always be with you even after long years.

Cord Blood Collection

It has been the most challenging and important process to healthily develop and protect your baby for 9 months. But remember, what if there was a magical substitute treatment plan that could protect your child against any health problems in the future? Our research team will provide you cord blood collection options that you can store your baby’s cordon at a reasonable price. After you select the cord blood collection you want to proceed with, our team will carry out your registry procedures. You will receive a cordon blood storage kit. You will need to take this storage kit with you when you arrive for delivery, and this kit will be filled by your doctor and transferred to the cordon blood bank by our team.

Entertainment Tours

Our qualified team will guide you to the largest amusement parks where you will have a daily tour to get to know the city and explore a new culture. These tours to amusement parks that are visited by millions of people and indicated in the best places to see in the USA will allow you to have fun, enjoyable time and unique experience during your stay. The tours to these amusement parks including Universal Studios and Disneyland that are liked by adults as much as children will help you to make your stay more enjoyable in Los Angeles.

Legal and Financial Services

Invest in the US and Turkey

If you consider to invest in the US, Venus Care is able to conduct a detailed market research and perform an analysis for the sector you consider and can help you predetermine your gains.


We work with trade attorneys, immigration lawyers and accountants that are a specialist in their field  can help you to implement your planned investment in the US in every aspect in a complete manner. Turkey and the US are two countries that have a trading agreement between them, and when you, as a citizen of either country, wish to invest in the US, you and your family will be entitled to live in the US. Please contact us as soon as possible for the most accurate market analysis.

Set up a business in the US and in Turkey

You will need to find out and investigate many formal procedures to set up a business in the US. You would lose time if you try to go through these processes from the very start, as a result, you might be demotivated for your primary purpose of setting up a business. The professional team of Venus Care, Inc. will develop a detailed business plan including a sector analysis and market research. In addition, we provide you with support for any processes through trading, financial attorneys and accountants that we work in cooperation in the US. We work with you for all services that you need, from setting up your business to obtaining a tax number, a bank account to renting an office, etc.

Business Consulting – Marketing Consulting

Our professional team will provide you with support at all times for you to improve and grow your business. We provide business and marketing consulting through our experienced consultants in many areas from purchasing-selling a business to business combinations, partnership to tax licenses and business licenses. The detailed SWOT analysis we perform reveal your position, and your weaknesses and strengths.

Tax Services

For your business investments and business set-up in the US, the trading attorneys and accountants that we work with and are an expert in their field will introduce you the entire system hand help you understand it.

Accounting Services

There are two ways of income statement in the US: Cash Basis and Accrual Basis. With our qualified accountants in the US, we carry out the whole process with you that is required for your business and business investments.

Payroll Services

The number of employees to work within your business or investment, the salary of your employees and the taxation system will be investigated in detail and presented to you. As each state has a different taxation system, you can set up your business or make investments without problem and in a safe manner with our business partners that have a good knowledge of such matters.