Operational Procedures

Venus Care Consulting brings a new perspective to concept of usual assisting through quality of service and a rich content.

Through a medical network in Turkey and in the US, Venus Care effectively ensures that our customers have an access to correct medical treatments. In addition to treatments, it allows peaceful and safe comfort with other services provided during your travel.


Our team works professionally in the cities where it locally provides services as it has a broad experience gained from a large number of patients.


With respect to the needs of our customers, the quality service in our national and international organizations, customized services and solutions form the basis of travels for treatment purposes.


By giving the main priority to customer satisfaction, our reliable personnel helps the process to proceed without any
problems, and our team adopts problems of our customers as if they are their own problems and take responsibility for entire process.

As Venus Care Consulting family, WE

are a company that operates in accordance with American Laws

Carry out all your legal, administrative and financial operations through our company based in Los Angeles.

We work with a competent team in all matters to ensure that process is carried out properly and in the fastest manner.

have qualified personnel

As compared to the companies across the sector, we give an assurance to work with a team of people graduated from the best universities.

We become a solution to problems of our customers through our abilities for quick communication and problem solving.

make price negotiation on behalf of you

We reduce the processes through direct access to officials and obtain discount on behalf of patients on the additional invoices to protect our customers from unnecessary costs.

We provide guidance in cases of wrong pricing that may occur due to common language misunderstanding.

administer the process of objection to incorrect invoices

We immediately respond to any incorrect invoices, if any, which is often encountered, through our experienced team and powerful communication with our business partners, and correct it as required.

track the documents 

After our customers return to their country, any official documents and papers sent will be safely delivered to them after they are delivered to our local addresses.

administer pre-registration and organization processes

We plan the whole travel organization of our customers in advance to ensure that they allocate a correct budget.

provide insurance

We have a tight communication with insurance agencies to immediately respond when required.


We provide families with travel health insurance that can be used by them during their stay abroad.


We provide a special newborn insurance in order to protect families that choose to give birth in the USA from higher costs that may be incurred after the birth.

provide housing and vehicle services 

We offer reasonable prices as we work with a broad network of vehicle and housing companies.


It is possible to rent a house by the number of preferred days to protect the budget of our customers.