Trust and Privacy in Fertility Treatment

Trust and Privacy in Fertility Treatment

One of the biggest drawbacks of many couples receiving treatment or planning to receive treatment is whether the sperm, egg cells, or embryos obtained from them are likely to be misplaced with the cells / embryos of other couples in the laboratory.

The biggest reasons why this issue is on the front burner are the couples who do not have any chance to observe the stages within these processes and the negative news regarding this issue in the foreign press.

However, Venus Care guarantees that your egg / sperm cells or embryos are not misplaced with others’ in order to make you feel safe and to keep your embryos safe.

For this purpose, our business partners follow your past and current medical treatment process in detail and keep your information in an electronic environment, which is accessible only to medical personnel who have contacted you. Your own specific indicators / information are used at every stage from the collection of your reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) for treatment to the transfer of the embryos to the uterus. Necessary controls and verifications are made in three stages as written, verbal and colored. After the information of the person / couple to be treated is verified, the next stage is started. All disposable materials used in the treatment are only used for the specified person or couple thanks to the special barcoding systems. In addition, thanks to the barcoding system, the risk of confusing your eggs and sperms is eliminated.

What is more, our contracted company in Los Angeles provides you with the opportunity to follow the formation process of your embryo at any time with the QR code they give you.